Kris Ulrich romanticizes what could have been on “Friends on the Internet”


Using music as a means to organize and understand his life, Kris Ulrich has connected to others out there who relate to what he is going through.  Fans appreciate the honesty, Kris enabling his fans to be honest with themselves and learn new ways to tap into their innermost feelings in return.  The indie folk genre that Kris creates in also brings comfort to those who listen, the easy-going melodies and warm timbre of his voice placing them in open and stable territory.  With his new single “Friends on the Internet,” Kris takes his fans to Toronto, where his life could have changed if he chose to stay.

Straight-forward and relaxed, “Friends on the Internet” is Kris’s take on what could have been.  Over a chill pop production, he romanticizes the life he could have lived if he did not move from back home to Winnipeg after a stint in Toronto.  Pensively, he sings, “I wonder if I’d stayed / Maybe we’d meet somewhere on College Street” and “You’d tell me all your favorite spots in town / You know I’d try to figure you out.”  In the end, he accepts reality and settles for being “friends on the internet” for now.  You can listen to it below.

Telling us more about the single, Kris shares,

“I had just moved to Toronto.  I didn’t know many people there, and was feeling quite lonely.  But the new scenery had me feeling optimistic and excited about meeting new people, so when I moved back home to Winnipeg in the spring of 2022, I found myself day-dreaming about the kind of life I might have had and what kind of people I would have met if I had stayed.  This song is about that nervous excitement of new possibilities that come with a new crush.”

You can listen to “Friends on the Internet” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Kris Ulrich: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website  


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