KellyMarie channels Pam Beasley in “Beach Day”


first came on my radar back in May with the release of her single, “Us Again.” It was the third single off of her upcoming album, IT IS MY ALBUM, a release completely based on The Office. Yes, you read that right: an entire album of original music all written around the story arcs of one of America’s favorite television shows.

It’s no secret that The Office had a vibrant revival once it became available to streaming services. While a fresh, younger generation of fans were being introduced to the sitcom, those who were there for the original airings were enjoying re-watch (after re-watch, after re-watch) and getting back into the fandom. Even Billie Eilish, arguably one of the biggest pop stars in the world, had a song about the show on her debut record (“My Strange Addiction”). Thus, for an indie singer/songwriter to write a whole album about the series seems like a genius marketing plan.

However, KellyMarie’s solid singer/songwriter/pop writing makes it less of a gimmick and more of a genuinely pleasant revisit to the series through the perspectives of various characters. In her latest single, “Beach Day,” we get Pam’s POV during the episode “Beach Games.” For those who need a refresher on the story line: Michael organizes a trip to the beach for the office and includes multiple feats of strength in an attempt to find his successor. In one such test, Pam gets the gumption to walk over a bed of hot coals and then reveals her feelings for Jim immediately afterwards… while he’s still with Karen.

Electronic pop instrumentation supports KellyMarie’s soft vocal style, and the two elements blend perfectly.  “My feet hurt…” the artist croons during an instrumental break in the latter half of the track, and although that’s not a typical lyric you’d expect to pack an emotional punch, it does. Listen for yourself below.

You can listen to “Beach Day” on platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with KellyMarie: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // Website


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