Burko paints a cryptic techno-house scene with “Dark Matter”


Even though Burko is surrounded by the sun and fun of southern California, the producer is on a mission to make uniquely dark house music.  Combining this dark sound with the vibrant melodies of house and techno, Burko has caught the attention of established DJs like Kyle Watson, Wongo, and SNBRN, who were able to further promote his iconic “Medieval House” style.  Last year, Burko was even able to headline Spin Nightclub and Bang Bang and perform at Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland Festival on the Grand Antique Stage.  This year, Burko continued his “Medieval House” takeover by releasing his debut EP, Infrared, which has received critical acclaim from tastemakers like Your EDM and Run The Trap.  Returning with a new summer single, Burko is carrying out his mission to help others see the infinite capabilities of house music.

A mercurial release with heavy bass and waves of synth, “Dark Matter” is another captivating single from Burko.  Using addictive melodies, steady house beats, and dynamic drops, he concocts a world that is as edgy and mysterious as the particles he refers to in the track title.  The elusive vocals we hear throughout add to the cryptic energy, giving us lines like “There’s a force out there / Holding the universe together” and “Nothing is forever / Nothing is for real.”  You can check it out below.

About the track, Burko elaborates,

“‘Dark Matter’ explores the relationship between silence and heavy synths, as can be heard in the bridge after the first drop.  This was the first time I used analog gear in any of my tracks via the newly acquired Prophet 6 synthesizer.  RIP Dave Smith.” 

You can listen to “Dark Matter” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Burko:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


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