Echosmith and Ludacris’ 4th of July Celebration in Fort Campbell


Approaching the busy gates of Fort Campbell, it was easy to see what kind of night was in store this 4th of July. However, not long after entering the gates the weather had other ideas. Ludacris amounts of rain pummeled the area leaving the event on the verge of cancellation, but just when we lost hope that the concert and festival would end, the sun peaked through the clouds and the rain ceased to be.

After enjoying the sights and sounds of the festival, Echosmith started the night singing to the crowd full of soldiers and their families with their songs “Porcelain”, “Gelato”, and “Over My Head”. After a few more songs, the band finished off with their biggest hit “Cool Kids” and what they called a “new and improved” version of that same tune. 

At 8:45 a quick scratch from the DJ was all that was needed to tell us what time it was. Through a plum of gray smoke appeared the man of the night as the crowd exploded with cheers. To get the night started, Ludacris hit us with an intro of “Southern Fried” and “Welcome to Atlanta.” Mid concert Luda jokingly dissed on his DJ and gave him a chance to redeem himself as Luda performed other artists’ hit songs like Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and “Party Up” by DMX.

After giving the crowd nostalgia with those former number one hits, Luda closed out with a mic drop worthy version of “Move B*tch”. The fireworks must have thought he was talking to them because shortly after the song they were all over the sky bringing a fitting end to the 4th in Fort Campbell.

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