Weekly Roundup: June 20


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to. On this go-around we have songs that will have you California dreamin’ as well as questioning your entire upbringing.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Participation Trophies” – Madelline
Madelline gives us a dry and humorous POV of how growing up in a world that may be a little too nice can backfire in her latest single, “Participation Trophies.” The verses contain quips about being overstimulated with social media and games, leaving bills unpaid and not understanding what a credit score means, and growing up with a mom who wanted to be a friend instead of a parent, but the chorus is the most on-the-nose: “Participation trophies/ They messed me up, now I’m ‘that guy,’ I’m barely staying alive / Got all of these neuroses but people say that I’m a vibe/ so what’s the problem if I suck at life?”


2. “Lazy Lovers” – Color Palette
Hello So-Cal sound of the early 2000’s! Color Palette present us with “Lazy Lovers,” a song that reminds us heavily of bands such as Phantom Planet and Rooney (they even mention the “California sky” in the chorus). If you’re looking for beach-y vibes, this song gets you.


3.  “Shaky Ground” – GENIIE BOY
If you like Olivia Rodrigo or Eisley you’ll probably like this one from GENIIE BOY. The latter comparison mostly comes from the fact that vocalist Alisha Todd’s delivery reminds us a ton of Sherri Dupree, and that’s high praise! This is a fun indie bop perfect for the transition into summer.


4. “Bad Boy” – Steady Legend
With powerhouse vocals and a catchy chorus, Steady Legend’s “Bad Boy” will be hard pressed to leave your head. This band blends pop, rock, and funk really well and it’s what makes this track shine.


5. “Didn’t Happen” – townsend
It’s no secret that with modern technology people have had the capability to make music from home for years now, but there still is something pretty magical about hearing a really well-done song and then learning that was produced in the artist’s bedroom. That’s the case with townsend’s single “Didn’t Happen,” a pop song drenched in heartache and melancholy. With a chorus that laments over and over again, “almost wish it didn’t happen,” this is the kind of song to have on repeat if you just feel like having a good cry.


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Madelline – “Participation Trophies”
2. girlfriends – “High Again”
3. MVTT – “Stressed Out”
4. Whitney – “REAL LOVE”
5. Color Palette – “Lazy Lovers”
6. Two Door Cinema Club – “Wonderful Life”
7. New Hope Club – “Getting Better”
8. Goldpark – “Covered In Sunshine”
9. Ana E. La Muñeca – “Sensorial”
10. GENIIE BOY – “Shaky Ground”
12. Lizzo – “Grrrls”
13. Alex Sandra– “Bounce”
14. Drake – “Falling Back”
15. Steady Legend– “Bad Boy”
16. Claud – “Go Home!”
17. Say What You Will – “Nothing Compares”
18. Tors – “Garden On The Kitchen Floor”
19. Rich Delinquent – “Hallucinating”
20. townsend – “Didn’t Happen”
21. Mad Radio – “Super Girl”


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