Glass Mansions Explores Torment That Comes with Yearning for Something Just Out of Reach in “Nearsighted”


Glass Mansions‘ newest track, “Nearsighted,” is propelled by heavy synths and infectious, dance-friendly rhythms, led by vocals of Jayna Doyle and joined by multi-instrumentalist Blake Arambula to showcase the duo’s unique blend of modern and 90s influences. The duo has played stages across the country such as SXSW, Warped Tour, Canadian Music Week, Illfest, Indie Week Canada, Florida Music Festival and opened for bands like Phantogram, Robert Delong, and Young The Giant along the way.

“Nearsighted” explores the seduction of surrender and the torment that comes with yearning for something just out of reach. Doyle’s intimate lyrics delve into the experience of being too close to a situation to see the bigger picture, creating an emotional purgatory where desires and longing intertwine. The song captures the essence of being caught in the darkest parts of oneself, blindly following desires wherever they may lead.

Alongside the track, is the music video for “Nearsighted.”

In reference to the music video Doyle states, “I wanted the “Nearsighted” music video to represent a visual purgatory between “STANDING O” and what will be our next release later this year, in a three-part video project. Having synesthesia, it was also very exciting for me to take the lead on art direction and produce a visual that could capture my relationship with color and sound and BlackWolf completely nailed it. The video features an emotional purgatory haunted by different ghosts of myself, scenes of band photoshoots where I’m not fully present, and black and white scenes where I’m being dragged through sand as a metaphor to how we sometimes feel like we’re being pulled through life reluctantly.

The track exudes a rock ‘n’ roll spirit, with its pulsating rhythms and undeniable magnetism. It’s the kind of song that demands to be experienced live. The track is both propulsive and elastic, drawing listeners into a world of lush electronic sounds, thanks to the collaboration with Austin producer Taylor Webb. Webb’s attention to detail shines through, as he skillfully layers textures and creates a sound that perfectly complements the song’s emotional core. 

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