Weekly Roundup: May 30


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to. Whether you’re looking for something deep, or not-so-deep, we’ve got you covered.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Summer ’22” – Scott the Pisces ft. BINX
Curious what it would sound like if Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” and T Swift’s “22” got together and had a baby? Look no further than “Summer ’22” by Scott the Pisces and BINX. It may not be innovative but it’s SO fun and totally qualifies as a perfect summer song.


2. “Sunken Place” – ASJ 3 ft. Iverson Lewis
With a title that alludes to the horror film Get Out, the latest from ASJ 3 is everything a good alt/pop song should be: both dark and a bop. Iverson Lewis’ vocals provide a nice contrast to ASJ 3’s delivery and make this track one that you’ll be tempted to listen to again… and again…


3.  “Raised” – Jacy Jenkins ft. OLAN
The latest genre-bending single from Jacy Jenkins narrates the inner thoughts of someone who is attempting to escape a deep depression. With a repetitive line of “get up, get up, get up” running throughout the song, the listener can visualize a person who is stuck in bed, feeling physically unable to move due to intense grief. However, the track also sounds like a rebirth, and by the end you’re hopeful that the subject will make it through.


4. “Way I Go” – Gordi
After her collaboration with Troye Sivan (“Wait”), we were anxiously waiting (no pun intended) to hear what Gordi would release next. With “Way I Go” she certainly delivers. Though most of the song is only her vocal and an acoustic guitar it packs a heavy emotional punch and brings to mind Nico’s famous cover of “These Days” by Jackson Browne as a worthy comparison.


5. “Angelnumber 1210” – GOON
Dreamy and enchanting, this song strikes me as the perfect accompaniment to laying in the grass and snoozing under a bright blue summer sky. This isn’t the first time that I’ve said one of the Roundup picks could have been on an early 2000’s teen drama soundtrack, but I don’t care: if this song had been released in 2004 it would’ve fit comfortably on The O.C. (and that soundtrack rules).


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Scott the Pisces ft. BINX – “Summer ’22”
2. Alfie Templeman – “3D Feelings”
3. Junryl – “fool for you”
4. Dance Yourself Clean – “Last Call”
5. ASJ 3 ft. Iverson Lewis – “Sunken Place”
6. FLORE – “Backyard Body”
7. Nothing but a Nightmare – “Baggage Claim”
8. Dusty Miller – “Please Know”
9. Mitch Jones, Escape the Fate, and Judge & Jury – “Darkness”
10. Jacy Jenkins ft. OLAN– “Raised”
11. Ava Guadin – “Sixteen”
12. Lily Lane – “Look At Me Now”
13. Taylor Henry– “That’s Alright”
14. Alexander 23 – “The Hardest Part”
15. Gordi – “Way I Go”
16. AMWIN ft. Simon Superti – “Long Gone”
17. Trent Vine – “Give More Than I Get”
18. Tate McRae – “feel like shit”
19. Crawlers – “F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)”
20. GOON – “Angelnumber 1210”
21. Griff ft. King Princess, Sigrid, and MO – “Head On Fire”


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