Cassie Marin has the “Wow Factor” on new single


Last month, electro-pop artist Cassie Marin released “Push Me” from her upcoming debut album.  The single was all about empowerment, reminding listeners that they don’t need to change for anybody or hide parts of themselves away.  The track was the fourth single to be released from the new album, helping fans better picture what to expect from the artist’s upcoming project.  Before it arrives this summer, Cassie gives us yet another single that picks up where “Push Me” left off.

A vibrant mix of intimate lyrics and energetic pop-electronica production, “Wow Factor” is a crisp   reminder to practice self-love and encourage acceptance.  Through chill pop vocals, Cassie reflects on moments when she got in her way, as well as moments when she found inner strength.  When the choruses kick in, the lively beats and animated rhythms celebrate the “wow factor” we all possess.  You can check it out below.

About “Wow Factor,” Cassie explains,

“‘Wow Factor’ was my snapping point.  Traumas and challenges could no longer stop me from reaching and accessing the power I had within.  I was dealing with some seriously crazy things in my life, yet found that I could conquer them all and still be here to tell the tale.  ‘Wow Factor’ became the substance of this inner power.  It’s a booming voice of survival instinct that can get us through any challenge with pure self-love and true pride in our individuality.  We all walk our own paths, and we all deserve to feel proud of it. When listeners hear the song, I want them to summon this inner confidence that feeds them pure acceptance and conquers all barriers.”

You can listen to “Wow Factor” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Cassie Marin:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok


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