Nick Mulvey releases “A Prayer of My Own” from upcoming album


Being the crafty musician, producer, and composer that he is, Nick Mulvey knows how to express his views on the world through seriously pleasing music.  With songs that can range anywhere from three minutes to seven minutes, Nick captures the core of human emotion through insightful lyrics and melodies, getting through to a wide audience.  He has been nominated for the Mercury Prize twice, showing that his music is the real deal.  After taking a moment to process all that has been happening these past couple of years, Nick is about to return with his upcoming album, New Mythology, which further promotes his unique sound.  Before the album drops, however, Nick is giving us the second single, “A Prayer of My Own.”

Filled with gentle acoustic guitar and raw vocals, “A Prayer of My Own” focuses on heartbreak and the journey one takes in healing.  Its messages could be applied to personal loss or a more universal upset, as the lyrics Nick puts forth are all-encompassing.  Passionately, he sings, “Give me the courage to feel it all / The beauty of the fall / When I want to run away / When I wish to run away,” attempting to find closure.  You can check it out below.

Written at his home in Ibiza and recorded in Paris during lockdown, New Mythology explores the change Nick felt within himself and around the world during these past couple of years.  He shares,

“I want to provide refuge for listeners, refuge in these times. The songs are not more distraction and are not spreading more fear or panic –they are about being deeply in this time.  I hope the album supports people and I hope it inspires and stimulates new ideas, insights and ambitions.  I hope it also generates a sense of the sacred within its audience.”

Before New Mythology arrives on June 10, you can pre-order it here.

You can listen to “A Prayer of My Own” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Nick Mulvey:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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