Bailey Baum releases “Bad For Me” from debut EP


There are so many different angles when it comes to heartbreak.  Whether you are having your heart broken, supporting someone going through a break up, or breaking a few hearts yourself, there is always an artist out there who knows exactly what you are going through.  These artists come at you with songs that ease the pain or advise you on how to get through such emotional devastation, which is why music lovers are still drawn to these sad songs time and again.  We are always wanting that comfort, those lyrics that seem like they were taken right from our own head, and Bailey Baum is here to deliver.

From her upcoming EP, Over It, indie pop artist Bailey Baum gives us “Bad For Me.”  With this track, Bailey tries to let go of a bad relationship, but is having trouble moving on.  She affectionately sings, “I want to feel different, but my heart is just confused and I can’t let go of you,” and asks, “Is it weird that I still wear your favorite shirt?”  As she convinces herself that returning to this person is not a good idea, we have a feeling that Bailey will make the right choice.  Her divine vocals and otherworldly production of the music give us a feeling that things will be alright.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Bailey shares, “I wrote this in 2020 with some incredible songwriters during the process of healing from a heartbreakI wanted to fall back into the person because I missed them but I knew doing that was bad for me...”


With “Bad For Me,” we now have three of the five songs from Over It, which will be released July 30.  Fans who have already heard these three singles can certainly sense the vibe of Over It, which takes us on a journey of self-healing.  Bailey states, “I want the EP to help people feel empowered to get ‘over it,’ while also acknowledging how important it is to let yourself feel everything deeply.  No emotion or thought you have is invalid, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel of heartbreak.  We all deserve to find happiness and peace and fulfillment and that all starts within yourself.  I’m still learning and growing from my experiences, this EP is all about that process.

You can check out “Bad For Me” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music until the release of Over It next month.

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