Lindsay Kay conveys the beauty of a digital romance on “Through the Phone”


When Canadian singer-songwriter Lindsay Kay came onto the scene in 2018, she did so in a powerful way.  Her debut album, For the Feminine, by the Feminine, featured a moving collection of tracks about womanhood and femininity, and showcased Lindsay’s abilities as a writer and producer.  She is always looking for ways to support other female creatives, from teaming up with an entirely female team for all aspects of the album to collaborating with up-and-coming female fashion designers.  It is evident that Lindsay takes her relationships with others very seriously, which is what we hear on her new single, “Through the Phone.”

On “Through the Phone,” Lindsay taps into the yearning she feels to be close with someone who is not around.  Over delicate acoustic guitar, she recounts intimate moments with this other person, mentioning various compliments that were made and feelings that were shared.  Even though they have only communicated through the phone, the love Lindsay and this other person have for each other is as strong as ever.  You can check it out below.

Expanding on the track, Lindsay shares,

“‘Through the Phone’ began as a sexy, empowered, sensual song frankly about having phone sex with somebody I loved during the most isolated days of the pandemic.  I set out to write something unapologetically celebratory of my sexuality, which I think the song does.  But through the process of writing it, the song evolved into something deeper and more vulnerable.  ‘Through the Phone’ became quite romantic in fact, and in the end, it is about missing someone deeply; about seeking intimacy and feeling a connection so strong that it is tangible, even from a great distance, even through the phone.”

You can listen to “Through the Phone” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Lindsay Kay:  Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Website


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