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Recommended Tracks: Nobody’s Fault, Break Away, Kids
Artists You May Like:  Rex Orange County, Bruno Mars, Dominic Fike

The past year has been very emotional.  Very trying.  Completely draining.  We all experienced some form of lockdown, where we were unable to go outside and had to make do with what was available to us indoors.  Opportunities to feel the sunshine on our faces or the comfort in a summer breeze were few and far between.  Thanks to Benny Sings, though, there is enough light and warmth in his eighth studio album, Music, to make up for some of the gloomier parts of last year – and encourage us to keep our heads up in the months to come.

Whether it is the funky bass and shimmery piano interplay on “Lost Again,” or the enlightening backing vocals on “Miracles,” Benny Sings has expertly crafted moments on Music that take us back to 1970.  Each track is soothing and simple, inviting us to give in to the steady grooves and glitzy riffs presented.  Even if you are not a big fan of nostalgic music, there is no denying the charm of “Nobody’s Fault” or the gentle jazz hues of “Run Right Back.”  Resist as you might, you will definitely catch yourself singing back a melody or two from Music in no time.

To maintain the easy-breezy vibe of these songs, Benny Sings incorporates gentle vocal stylings on top of the music.  In general, Benny Sings’ voice is quiet and somewhat timid, but his sound is ideal for the vibe of this album.  Additionally, his timbre beautifully complements that of other artists featured on the album, such as Mac DeMarco and Tom Misch.  As unique as each collab is, my ear keeps going back to “Kids,” which features pop rap artist, KYLE.  The soulful quality of KYLE’s voice rounds out the album for me, and makes “Kids” an engaging listen.

Despite all of the lighthearted and playful tones on Music, there are touches of despair in the lyrics.  On “Sunny Afternoon,” for example, Benny Sings sings, “It’s a sunny afternoon / But, I need you here / I’m nothing without you,” suggesting that he feels incomplete without this other person beside him.  We also hear a similar theme on “Break Away,” where Benny Sings asks, “Why do I feel like something’s wrong? / Why do I feel the need to break away?”  As troubling as these thoughts and questions may be, they help ground the tracks on Music, and bring an authenticity to it that everyone can appreciate.

Given that we are approaching summer, Music is a must for any summer playlist.  Its drama-free spirit and catchy tracks are made for responsible and safe get-togethers with family and friends, watching the sunset or dancing under the stars.  The coolest thing about the album is that you can listen to it if you are feeling great, if you are feeling upset, if you want something relevant, if you want something dated; it speaks to all types of emotions and revives something from within that we all could use right about now.


You can listen to Music on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

You can also grab the “pay what you want” tickets to the album release party livestream tonight at 9pm local time, where Benny Sings and his band will perform selections from Music and other tracks in his catalog.  Tickets and more information can be found here.

Keep up with Benny Sings:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website


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