Moon Vs Sun Celebrate Love on ‘Lowlight’


A few years ago, Raine (Our Lady Peace) and his wife, Chantal (songwriter, pop artist, classical pianist), joined forces to form Moon Vs Sun.  Reminiscent of pop folk bands, such as Of Monsters and Men or The Civil Wars, Moon Vs Sun know how to uplift and soothe, tapping into a sound that showcases their unique, natural abilities as artists.  Of course, you do not have the light without the dark, which is a sentiment that is beautifully conveyed on their second single, “Lowlight.”

On “Lowlight,” Chantal and Raine explore certain aspects of their not-so-perfect relationship.  They mention forgiveness and how “it always gets dark before the dawn,” but ultimately, they are better for getting through the bad times together.  The track’s prevalent message of, “In this lowlight, I can see,” hints that the struggles are temporary – there will be enough light to make it through.  In the end, love will always come out on top.

The music is celebratory, but not too cheesy or dramatic.  Chantal’s bright voice pairs well with Raine’s earthy timbre, giving us a sound that is wholesome and pure.  The ukulele, piano, and resounding “Ooo” motif that come through tie everything together, and enhance the positive vibe of the track.  You can check it out below.

The video was shot on a small island off the coast of Newfoundland, where Raine and Chantal wrote and recorded their upcoming album, I’m Going to Break Your Heart.  In addition to the music video, the duo also filmed a documentary about the album, also called I’m Going to Break Your Heart.  The album and documentary are set to drop April 23.  You can pre-order them here.

You can listen to “Lowlight” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Moon Vs Sun:  Facebook // Twitter (Chantal) // Twitter (Raine) // Instagram // Website


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