Ashley Myles sails through choppy waters on ‘Tides’


Recommended Tracks:  “Fire”, “Bricks”
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Growing up in Long Island, singer-songwriter Ashley Myles was strongly influenced by the musical theater culture of New York City.  She was able to take in the compelling force of Broadway, studying various shows and performances.  When it came time to develop her vocal and acting skills professionally, Ashley took to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Berklee School of Music, and The New School, where she respectfully worked on acting, performing, and jazz music.  Her stage presence and storytelling ability were tremendously shaped during this time, which is noticeable in her debut EP, Tides.

With Tides, Ashley offers a range of stories that deal with the push-and-pull of relationships.  On the soulful “Fire,” for instance, Ashley describes a longing for more in a relationship.  Over dramatic downbeats, she shares, “I just need a little heat to make me feel complete when you’re not around,” implying that she will find a way to get what she wants from either the current relationship or another one.  From there, Ashley gives us the lush piano ballad “Bricks,” which pulls from the disappointment we hear in “Fire.”  Again, Ashley’s rich storytelling comes through, comparing the building blocks of a relationship to physical construction bricks and wondering “Should we build something or watch them fall?”  It speaks to those who are having trouble deciding what to do or where to go in a relationship, if the cracks that are forming need to be fixed or replaced.

Along with these relationship-based songs are messages to trust yourself and keep working towards your goals.  Starting with the title track, Ashley compares the coming-and-going of people in her life to the way that tides rise and fall.  Avidly, she sings, “Tides keep rolling in and out / Whether or not you’re coming, going, or in doubt,” and mentions that no matter what happens, you have to more or less “roll with it.”  In the end, it is the relationship we have with ourselves that we need to foster, as we hear on the closing “The Storm.”  Its dramatic production inspires us to go after what we want, knowing that we are capable of handling all that is to come.

All in all, Tides beautifully demonstrates the power that is found in the titles of the songs alone.  Whether we are facing a huge tidal wave, a blazing fire, sturdy bricks, or a vicious storm, we have the tools to get through these seemingly dominant forces.  In doing so, we learn a lot about ourselves and all that matters in our lives, showing that these hardships are not so terrible; if we can find value in them, then these experiences were worth going through.

You can listen to Tides on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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