SOUNDR releases powerful pop punk anthem ‘Dumb Dumb’


Breakthrough star SOUNDR which consists of Katherine Thomas just released a brand new single “Dumb Dumb” and it is a brilliant pop punk power anthem. Katherine grew up in Salt Lake City and has been making music for a while now. She first broke into the scene in 2017 and has worked with countless artists and producers like electronic producers including MitiS, Steam Phunk. She has been featured in countless hits and has been quickly making a name for herself within the music industry. Her fanbase is rapidly growing as well, with thousands of dedicated fans who see her true passion for music. She wants to make music for those who feel misunderstood and alone, in hopes that they can find solace in her music and feel less alone in the world. She is truly an inspiration to many. The new single proves that she is growing and shining with every release.

“‘DUMB DUMB’ is about taking back your power and turning an obnoxious and hurtful situation into something badass and liberating,” SOUNDR explains. While the track delineates a breakup, the core message goes beyond relationships. “It’s more than just a breakup song – it’s about believing you deserve better and not backing down. Remembering that you hold the power in changing anything in your life that isn’t right for you. The song itself feels powerful. It’s that old school, pop-punk, energy. Driving down the road singing the chorus, you just feel like you’re a badass that can handle anything.”

“Dumb Dumb” is a brilliant track and one of Katherine’s best work to date. It really showcases her amazing songwriting abilities and vocals on the track. This song will make you want to headbang to it in your room, blasting it until your neighbors yell at you. It’s punchy and an explosive and a song that you will definitely want to add to your best playlist. This song is a preview to her upcoming EP where she continues to build on her new journey reinvigorating her emo and alternative roots. We simply can’t wait to hear more from SOUNDR soon, surely it will be great! 

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