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Pure Noise Records tour hit the town in Boston at a sold out gig at Big Night Live. It was a packed night full of all the excitement. It was also a packed lineup as well, as it featured other artists on the Pure Noise label. Five acts in total were set to amaze the crowd, including Bearings, Just Friends, Real Friends, and Four Year Strong, before State Champs would close out the night in style. Each band brought their all to the stage and left the crowd in awe of each set. With an insane lineup, the crowd was going nuts from the very start of the night.

Bearings kicked off the night to an already growing crowd. They had the energy early on that really got the crowd pumped for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, we had only got the chance to catch the end of their set due to venue problems getting in, but nonetheless, their set was stellar and definitely a great way to kick off the night.

Bearings guitarist Ryan Culligan: “We are extremely excited to be a part of the Pure Noise Tour. After a year and a half of no live shows we are itching to get back to it. We released a record in November and still haven’t been able to play the songs live. That first show back, along with the entire tour is going to be one for the ages.


Just Friends

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Just Friends or also known as JF Crew are just as friendly as you would think. From the moment they stepped on stage they had the crowd going crazy. They had a special charm to them and they quite literally got everyone shaking their butts to the music. The band originally formed in 2013 in Dublin, CA in lead singer Sam Kless’ parents’ basement.  The crowd was loving every moment of their set and they were definitely a standout favorite for the night — it was basically just a giant dance party and we’re not mad about that at all.


Real Friends

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Real Friends, not to be confused with Just Friends took the stage next and also put on a brilliant show. Newly acquired lead singer Cody Muraro stepped right into the spotlight of Real Friends and confidently brought things together. Real Friends are still the same band at the end of the day, no matter the changes they go through — it was evident that they are very much still a family, and they care a lot about the music they make. The fans are the same, and they were very eager to see their favorite band live for the first time in awhile, much like every band on this tour.

After the last year and half, we’re so grateful to be on the road again. This will be our first tour with our new vocalist Cody. It will also be the first Real Friends tour in nearly two years,” states Real Friends bassist Kyle Fasel. “We couldn’t be more stoked to share the stage with State Champs, Four Year Strong, Just Friends and Bearings. We are ready to rock out and drink coffee all across the USA.”


Four Year Strong 

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Massachusetts’ own Four Year Strong graced the stage next and the hometown crowd was hyped as ever to see their favorite band. The band recently released BRNPN RMX, a collection of remixed tracks from their latest album Brain Pain which was released in early 2020. You could practically feel the vibrations in the room from how much action was happening during their set. There were mosh pits galore and crowd surfers as far as the eye could see, it was pure chaos. They definitely lived up to the hyped of a hometown show and it was amazing to see.


State Champs


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At the end of the night, it was finally time for State Champs to come on stage to the roar of the crowd. They opened up their set with “Secrets” which really got the crowd up and off their feet. The energy was so crazy that there were already crowd surfers for the first song which is something you don’t see too often. It was a night of covers as they also did their versions of Fall Out Boy’s “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago”, and Shawn Mendes’s “Stiches” — one of the best pop-punk covers of recent memory. The boys played countless songs from all of their albums, fan favorites like “Elevated”, “Losing Myself”, and “Mine Is Gold”. The band also mentioned that they were done with their next album and fans were ecstatic.


Photos taken by Erin Crowley


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