Behind the Scenes with YUNGBLUD on “Acting Like That” music video ft MGK


If you have seen YUNGBLUD’S video to “Acting Like That” you know it’s a jam packed one full of exciting action and a lot of zombies. Ever wondered what went behind the making of this video? Well look no further we got you covered on that one with an exclusive behind the scenes look on just how YUNGBLUD and MGK came to making this masterpiece.

Me, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker are on other sides of the world in the middle of a global pandemic so how the hell do we do a video that incorporates the three of us, yet gives us an excuse to be apart? I was like, ‘a zombie apocalypse – that’s literally it.’ It’s infecting the UK and it’s infecting America. It’s kind of a weird parody of coronavirus. An infection we’re all fighting against right now.” YUNGBLUD said on the making of the video. 

Although they were on complete opposite sides of the world they still made things work out. The video was shot in LA, with MGK and Travis Barker, and in Greenwich, London with YUNGBLUD. YUNGBLUD and his manager Gavin ended up directing the music video. Shaun of the Dead was a reference for the art style of the video.  YUNGBLUD says: “I think sonically it’s old school pop punk in a new way with 808s. The scene that’s going on right now, which Travis is very much a part of, is insane. It’s incredible pop punk coming back to the mainstream.” It’s a brilliantly put together music video even with the circumstances of the world. You can check out the entire behind the scenes to the music video below! 


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