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To some, an empty desert and extreme heat do not make for productive days of work.  To others, these elements are enough to spark creativity.

Music’s newest wonder picked up on this creativity while making his way through the treacherous conditions of Death Valley.  The more he trekked through the desert, the more he became fixated on an idea for a project that had the potential to save humanity.  This project eventually took the form of Elephants Doing Ballet, an exploratory and genre-bending act that would use music as a way to bring people closer together.  By conveying raw stories that point out where we are going wrong, such as our obsession with technology, the depletion of the environment, and the expanding distance we are creating between each other, Elephants Doing Ballet hopes to inspire others to start a movement that will heal our society and restore humanity.  It is an exciting and ambitious undertaking, to say the least.

With a cover of Clairo’s “Bags,” Elephants Doing Ballet makes his official debut.  This cover is a lively, indie pop transformation of the original, filled with playful synth riffs, engaging drum patterns, and a psychedelic air that infuses the listener’s world with vibrant color.  Of course, the poignant spirit of the original still comes through, as Elephants Doing Ballet was careful to maintain its unique melodies and nuances – he did not lose the heart of the song.  After stepping into the new world that Elephants Doing Ballet has created with this cover, you are fully intrigued and ready to hear what else the artist has to offer.

As we wait for Elephants Doing Ballet’s next endeavor, we can be sure to expect the unexpected.  We can be sure to question our actions and the actions of those around us.  We can also be sure to find something greater than ourselves.  The Ballet has arrived, won’t you join? 

You can listen to “Bags” on all of the usual musical platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Elephants Doing Ballet:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook



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