LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: Pink Sweat$ // Toronto, ON


On the night of June 13, 2019, Pink Sweat$ faced a decently pressing challenge. The final show of his highly anticipated Pink Beginnings Tour landed in Toronto on the same night that the city’s basketball team was in the historic finals match with a shot to win their first ever NBA title. While this could have proved intimidating for any artist — this was not the case for Pink Sweat$. He maintained his composure and full artistic/preforming ability to preform for his loyal and enthused fan base, delivering an amazing show.

Standing in solidarity with the city, Pink Sweat$ came out right on time for his set in a Toronto Raptors jersey, showing his Toronto fans that he cared about the game as well and wanted to give them enough time to catch it after the show — a truly class move. Sonically, Pink Sweat$ was amazing from the get-go. The R&B crooner proved that he could take his studio talents on road and do so beautifully. Every note that he hit, every harmonization, and every melody was preformed to the utmost extent and had the fans loving every minute of it. While his entire set was preformed with utmost synergy and eloquence, as every track had its significant place and seamlessly transferred into the next, songs that stood out were his live renditions of “Call Me” and “Would You“.

Pink Sweat$ had a remarkable year with his track “Honesty” reaching #23 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart + #10 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart, the successful release of his EP “Volume 2“, and even an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This tour — namely this conclusive Toronto stop — proved to be the “icing on the cake” as I could not imagine it going any better than it did.

On top of just delivering an amazing performance, Pink Sweat$ and his team deserve praise for putting together an amazing stage design. The numerous flowers, arch, live band set up to accompany him, and mesmerizing circular flare-like lighting, made his performance just as great to look at as it was to listen to.

Ultimately, Pink Sweat$ concluded his tour on a very high note. Furthermore, the Toronto Raptors also won their finals match that night leaving the atmosphere in Toronto more surreal than ever before. Pink Sweat$ has been rapidly getting bigger and bigger, and it will be a pleasure to see what the soulful R&B crooner is up to next.

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