Kicking off their summer lineup of concerts, Livenation Entertainment & Livenation Ontario hosted the international sensations and widely renowned fan favorites “The 1975” at the Budweiser Stage. Ironically, this start to the heavily impressive lineup of concerts planned came in the form of the conclusion to The 1975’s headlining US Tour. Regardless, the result was an experience like none other.

Right after the group finished their Toronto show, multi-platinum singer and show attendee Shawn Mendes, tweeted: “So Truman Black (Matthew Healy) is the best front man I think I’ve ever seen, was completely mesmerized by you and the band last night!!”. Praise coming from arguably one of the world’s biggest musicians is not to be taken lightly and in this case, Shawn Mendes was absolutely right. The 1975 delivered a stellar finale to conclude their North American leg.

Trying to classify or add a genre title to the 1975’s extensive catalog of hits is very difficult. The group is known for their experimental and genre bending nature, and even better known for being able to create coherent bodies of music that deliver in regard to all genres. On stage, the group was able to deliver exactly this and even more.

Their set begun with the electronically distorted and mesmerizing “The 1975” intro which boasted stellar visuals and set the tone for the crowd’s excitement. Following this was the melodically guitar and drum heavy — alternative sounding “Give Yourself A Try“. Then, the band took a 180 degree sonic turn to preform the pop ballad “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME“. In just the first three songs, The 1975 were able to provide an experience of three greatly different genres, all while maintaining perfect execution and coherence.

On top of delivering adequately during the show, The 1975 also proved to develop a strong and dedicated fan base as the crowd was consistently cheering and singing along for the entirety of the performance. The passion that the artists delivered on stage was matched by the entire Budweiser Stage arena which created an amazing atmosphere that lasted the entire night. The show left fans content and more than satisfied.

Fans of  not only experimental music, but holistically all genres in general, should definitely check out The 1975. Their latest album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is a great introduction into the bands catalog . Furthermore, now is the perfect time to listen as their newest album, currently referred to as Notes on a Conditional Form, is set to release this summer.

The band is currently on their Europe tour which can be inquired about here.

Connect with The 1975 at their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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