Weathers Release New Video for “Problems”


It is shaping up to be quite a busy summer for alt-rock band, Weathers.  After dropping their newest single, “Problems,” earlier this month, currently touring with Palaye Royale, and gearing up to tour with The Stolen and ONE OK ROCK next month, it seems like the band wouldn’t possibly have had the time to make a cool music video.  BUT THEY DID.

The band released a video for “Problems” last year, but decided to give the video a new look. Weathers’ own Cameron Boyer directed this new video himself, which features an unusual, yet relatable, narrative.  Cameron mentioned, “It’s three different situational experiences: coming into a fortune, being the underdog, and persevering and desperately searching for a connection anywhere you can find it.”  Cameron concludes, though, that even if you get what you want from life, you could still be depressed.  We see these ideas played out amongst different characters in the video, with the band making casual cameos throughout.  The dance scene at the end was even choreographed by Cameron, to no surprise – the frontman is known for his vibrant dance moves on stage.

The song’s lyrics focus on depression and how it can make you feel so worthless, despite any positive occurrences happening around you.  Mental health is a topic that Weathers often visits in their music and will always be something that the band discusses.  This past month, the band has taken to social media to share their experiences with mental health as part of Mental Health Awareness Month.  By encouraging fans to do the same, Weathers are helping prioritize mental health and show that no one should be afraid to speak up or ask for help.  No one is alone, or has to be alone, in their struggles.

Check out the video for “Problems” below and, for any Weathers super-fans out there, see if you can spot any band-related Easter eggs!


Catch Weathers on tour here.

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