LGBT Singer Myylo Takes Us On A Outer Space Journey Through His New Song “Cyborg”


by: sabrina amoriello

Cyborg is a mystical adventure into space with indie LGBT singer Myylo. The song takes listeners to a new world with one listen of the song.  

Myylo, an upcoming indie act, has just surfaced into the scene emulating artists such as Rex Orange County with his simple yet enticing guitar chord structure matching closely with a unique take on lyrics with deep meaning. In Cyborg, Myylo instantly paints a picture to fans of his consistent style with producing and writing songs. Cyborg is a song using idiosyncratic lyricism with a careless yet welcoming guitar structure. The bedroom-pop artist is one that makes the feel of the song so unique and out there yet so welcoming and joyful in the most abstract ways. The musician, originating from Nashville, Tennessee had participated in a week-long seminar in Colorado where he had worked closely with rapper Mike Posner, the influence of the rappers work is one that can be noted on this track along with a few others of his newest releases including a song recently posted called “Jonesing.”

Something that is to be noted on this track is the clear production in all aspects of the song from the vocal to the instrumental, the production has been made so crisp and perfect that not a single aspect of the song goes missed. It is easy to infer that Myylo knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to production. He has created Cyborg, one of his few releases out under his name, to have such a crisp sound to it. After hearing other songs from Myylo, it is easy to tell that he puts the time into his productions. His vocals overpower but don’t ruin the rest of the song and the simple yet catchy drum tracks are something very popular throughout many scenes and genres, Myylo does a stellar job of incooperating these drums at the right times with the right amount of effect to it. I personally love how in this song Myylo has experimented with many different drum techniques that flow into the unique layout of the music.

Aside from production alone, Myylo has an exotique way of structing his songs making them sound exquisite. In this song, Myylo uses a lot of unique drumming techniques as stated above, the way he incorporates various different drumming patterns and techniques makes Myylo a very versatile artist. He also makes sure these drums don’t go unheard by sticking to his simple guitar chords which imitate those of singer/songwriter Rex Orange County. In the near future, I would love to see these two artists combine in a tour as they are both hinting at unique styles quite alike to one another.  

All in all I think this release from Myylo will make him a ones-to-watch artist. Cyborg, although a song which is very “out there” in many aspects, is so different from we typically hear on a day-to-day basis, it has a certain originality which I believe will be attracting crowds of all kinds to Myylo’s music.

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