LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: Cherry Pools // New York, NY


Cherry Pools mesmerized New York City with the experience of BluTopia, the era in which the world of Cherry Pools becomes engrossed in blue angst. 

On Saturday, March 30th, I got to experience the world Cherry Pools has created on this leg of tour which fans around the states know as Blutopia. Cherry Pools came around to play Mercury Lounge in New York, the show was beyond what I expected to see, the band went to a new level with everything from stage presence, to sound, the band was top notch and to see very few people attending the show had me shocked. Cherry Pools is a band that people have been sleeping on, it is time to surface the band into the scene as they put on a show I will never forget, something that goes beyond what I would expect from a band as small as they are. The band obviously put their full efforts into the performance.


Cherry Pools selected excellent opening acts. The small indie band and the artist which they had open before they entered the stage were two acts which i was extremely absorbed in the whole set. They both brought energy to the crowd before the energetic and engaging show of Cherry Pools. The first opening act, Micky James, was definitely a magnificent choice to be starting up the show and getting the crowd moving. The artist came on stage filling his set with only upbeat and dancing tunes. The whole crowd was definitely engaged in the set beginning to end. Micky James’ stage presence is to be noted as sometimes the opening acts can be boring to watch with music that is not practically the fans choice but Cherry Pools really picked a great artist to open for them. Micky James had music that was fun to dance along to, fun to engage in and filled the room with guitar that was unique and melodies that were resonating.


TILLIE, the next act to come onto the stage, was a female singer who fans fell in love with at the sight the singer. Her style and stage presence was something that immediately caught fans eyes from the start. The short-hair girl singer was energetic and definitely painting a great picture for her name. Fans have already started to fall in love, in fact most of the crowd had known the singer and were singing along to the lyrics. TILLIE did a great job of playing music she knew fans would be able to enjoy, sing along to and dance with. She was a great way to introduce the main act of the night.


Cherry Pools came onto the stage to present the experience of BluTopia to the fans of New York. The fans anticipation for the band was one that could be felt throughout the whole show. Cherry Pools did not disappoint the crowd either when they finally came on stage. The band always manages to bring a unique and different show every time they go on tour, this show was so different from the last time I had experienced their performance. It is obvious to fans that the band works really had on their image, everything from the way the stage looked to the way that the band dressed themselves was deliberately planned out and well thought through. This era of Cherry Pools was one that I deeply enjoyed experiencing. The band’s sound was consistent and clear, their production is always superb on tracks, in concert they did not slack in this field, they had an exceptional sound. Although the band had provided pre recordings of bass tracks, there is nothing that can compare to the actual instrument being present, this is somewhere the band did fall short. Cherry Pools did a great job of recreating the bass but I think a bass player in the band is something the band should consider reintroducing but I admire that the band did right by their fans and removed someone who had caused possible dispute throughout the scene. All in all, Cherry Pools is a band that is going to be around for a long time, if you haven’t heard them yet then you are definitely sleeping on new, upcoming bands. Cherry Pools can only gain more and more popularity from here and I can’t wait to see where they take fans next with their music.



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