ALBUM REVIEW: With Confidence // Love and Loathing


by: Sabrina Amoriello

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Recommended Tracks: Moving Boxes, Spinning and That Something

Coming out with a second album isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve been finding a guitarist and multiple sexual allegations against your band, not to mention playing show after show on the time consuming, yet rewarding, Warped Tour. Although Australian pop-punk band With Confidence had been facing all these issues, the band has still managed to produce an album that is musically and aesthetically pleasing to all pop-punk and emo lovers out there. So turn on the album, maybe grab a drink or something to eat and let’s discuss why With Confidence have just made my top five 2018 favourite albums with Love and Loathing.

Only days after coming back from warped tour, the australian pop-punk band have released their newest album on August 10th, 2018 and since then have been playing small acoustic shows for devoted fans. I hope for a larger tour sometime in the future for this album because off the first song alone, I was jumping around my room with a hairbrush.  The whole album really shows off a more poppier side of the band rather than the pop-punk side from their first album – and I personally love it!

The album starts off with a total feel-good song that I could see becoming everyone’s new pop-punk anthem. The song titled “That Something” has parts that totally emulate the pop music scene with the catchy verses and chorus that repeats multiple times with simpler chords. Don’t let the song fool you with it’s pop feel because later on the 12-track album is “Jaded”, which totally matches the pop-punk reputation of With Confidence with its catchy choruses yet rock instrumentals and speedy tempo.

Out of the whole album, my personal favourite is “Moving Boxes.” I feel like that song couldn’t get anyone moving. It’s upbeat and the chorus is catchy and is one of those songs I can see everyone being able to sing along to at their concert despite someone maybe not knowing With Confidence. It’s one of those songs that makes people fall in love after one listen – even the acoustic version. I truly believe this song will be one of the bigger hits of Love and Loathing.

The band had spoken about the album in interviews about making it into something more and moving onto something greater. Which to me, a long time follower of them, believe that this is just the start of With Confidence with their debut album acting as a teaser. I personally am so excited for this new album and I can’t wait for more to come in the future of With Confidence. So if you haven’t turned on the album yet, I highly recommend you play it now but if you have started it already, I will let you go dance around to every song and then cry over “Pâquerette (Without Me)” because that song is just too beautiful for the world.

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