LIVE PHOTOS: The Lemon Twigs // Birmingham, AL


Long Island act The Lemon Twigs brought their intensely enjoyable show to Saturn in Birmingham, AL last week in support of their new record Go To School. The band has seen their star since their 2016 debut because of their remarkable stage presence and their dedication to cultivating an atmosphere unlike any live band. Watching brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario perform live is like taking a step back in time — and you notice this from the very minute that they walk on the stage. There’s not much to be said about The Lemon Twigs other than you have to see them live to understand what you’re dealing with. The absurdity of their latest album (a rock opera about an adolescent chimp whose father is musician Todd Rundgren) might be enough to throw off your average radio listener. Live, however, it translates brilliantly, as the band has perfected their baroque-rock style into a set that puts its foot on the gas pedal and never lets up. The energy of Michael brings to mind an early Mick Jagger, throwing his all into every second of the performance; when he and Brian lock into a groove, it’s easy to fall into a trance-like state, simply in awe of the musicianship that is before you. This was a 75 minute set that felt like it could have gone on forever, and that’s a testament to how great this band is live. Check out our coverage of The Lemon Twigs below:


Listen to Go to School on Spotify.

Check out The Lemon Twigs at their website.

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