The Lemon Twigs Release Mellow Track, “Corner of My Eye”


The Lemon Twigs, a duo band made up of brothers Michael D’Addario and Brian D’Addario, came out with a new single on January 3rd, making it their first release in 2 years. “Corner of My Eye” brings the same Twigs flair with a 60’s-70’s soft rock energy. Although the two have played the song live in past performances, they’re glad to be able to bring a quality studio version for fans to enjoy.

“Corner of My Eye” is a gentle love song on the same lengths as early rock and folk tracks. The music plays out with light percussion, smooth, serenading guitars, and touching harmonies. The lyrics are simple yet elegant: “But when I’ve got you in the corner of my eye // All my moments are the same when day or night // I saw you twice before // Now I really wanna see you more.”

During a press release, The Lemon Twigs dove into the song further: “We recorded this track winter of 2021 in our old rehearsal studio in Midtown, NYC. Apart from the vibraphone, the instrumental track was recorded live with Andres Valbuena on drums and Daryl Johns on upright bass. We laid down the vocals late that night once the traffic outside had died down. We’ve had the song for a while now, so we’re excited to share it with fans who may have heard it live over the years!”

Check out the song below.

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