Alice Wallace shares her doubts and insecurities on “Imposter”


It is never fun to not feel good enough, to feel as if you could be doing a job better or as if you are not worthy of all your successes. Truth is, no matter how amazing you are, nobody is immune to imposter syndrome. With imposter syndrome, a certain disconnect forms, where people might doubt how legit they are or think that they do not deserve to be where they are today. It’s more common than people realize, which is why Alice Wallace felt compelled to say something.

On “Imposter,” the Nashville-based singer-songwriter is sharing her experience with imposter syndrome. Over stirring drums and feel-good guitar, she describes some of her deepest fears and insecurities. With warm folk vocals, Alice sings, “Someday, someone’s gonna figure out what I’ve been hiding / I know they will / ‘Cause I can’t keep a straight face” and “So what if all of my worst fears come true? / Sure, the sky might fall / And the truth might turn to doubt / But it’s time / Someone found me out.” It’s a very transparent song, and Alice’s openness is inspirational. As May continues to be Mental Health Awareness Month, hopefully this single can help others to start a conversation and be upfront about what they’re going through.

“Imposter” is the latest release from Alice’s upcoming album, Here I Am, out June 28. About the album, Alice explains,

“This is an album about reclaiming myself – as an artist, as a woman, and as a person navigating a world that is beautiful and confusing and harsh…This album covers a spectrum of emotion I haven’t been brave enough to share on an album before. This album is me.”

You can listen to “Imposter” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Alice Wallace: Facebook // Instagram // X // YouTube // Website

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