SERGIO exposes the power of faith on “Always”


We have heard so much love and admiration from SERGIO in the past few months, as the rising Pop-Latino artist effortlessly embeds these qualities in his music. In February, for instance, he released “Proud,” which acknowledged the unwavering support he has received from friends and family as he pursues his dream. Just last month, SERGIO followed up the release with “Take 5,” a smooth and endearing single that touched on the importance of prioritizing those you care about in your day-to-day life. As SERGIO gears up for the release of his upcoming mixtape, WHERE THE SILENCE IS LOUD, he turns inward and recognizes what inspires him to remain so lighthearted with “Always.”

A dreamy, stripped-back ballad, “Always” focuses on the strength of faith. We get more intimate vocals from SERGIO on this single than we have on his previous releases, his vulnerability coming through over the gentle sounds of the piano. Exposing the power of his spirituality, he sings, “Could never go wrong / When I see you in every direction / Even when I’m gone / And I don’t recognize who I’ve been.” Even if you might not have the same values or opinions when it comes to faith and spirituality, “Always” will speak to whoever or whatever it is that helps you through a tough time.

Telling us more about “Always,” SERGIO shares,

“‘Always’ is a reflection of my own journey with faith and spirituality. It’s about finding strength and comfort in something greater than ourselves, especially during life’s darkest moments.”

You can listen to “Always” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

SERGIO’s highly anticipated mixtape, WHERE THE SILENCE IS LOUD, is set to be released May 31.

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