Tobias Defoe Releases Emotional New Ballad “I Want You”


Singer-songwriter and producer Tobias Defoe has just released his touching new ballad “I Want You”. Raised in both Italy and the US with Japanese and British parents, his distinct style is defined by his introspective lyrics and unique vocal talent. Both of these elements shine through in this track.

“I Want You” starts off with a slow, emotional piano with subtle strings in the background. The piano picks up the pace a bit when Defoe’s vocals join in, smooth and earnest. Perhaps unexpectedly considering the title, he expresses sadness and frustration in regards to his lover’s “bed of lies”. The pre-chorus sticks to the minimalistic piano as his vocals become more urgent and the pain he feels is evident.

The chorus is where his vocal range really shines. Both the piano and the vocals head up a few octaves as he reveals that even if this person doesn’t feel the same, he still wants them. A very subtle synth cuts off the piano at the end as he sings “I want you”.

We jump right into the next verse as he describes their touch as “sweet and poisonous”. Subtle background vocals underscore the contrasts he sings about. There’s much more emotion in his delivery as we head into the following chorus, with harmonizing background vocals adding to the effect.

The bridge is clearly the most emotional part of the song. Defoe puts all his energy into his voice as he acknowledges that they’ve tried their best to make things work. The chorus that follows starts out soft and somber before building back up in earnest. The background vocals emphasize the message beautifully before fading altogether to let his voice come to the forefront for the final lyrics.

The message of this track is a sad and regretful one. The stripped-down nature of the song with just the piano and Defoe’s emotional vocals give it even more meaning, complementing the lyrics perfectly. With its relatable message and excellent vocals, fans will have “I Want You” on repeat.

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