Maximiliano Releases Epic New Single “Bullion Man”


Rock artist Maximiliano released his stadium-style single “Bullion Man” on April 25, and it is a rocker. The song is just as unique as Maximiliano, who describes himself as a border musician “who likes cheese, fruit, and berries”.

The upbeat track tells the story of the Bullion Man himself who, according to Maximiliano, does not rest. He elaborates further on this unique character’s personality:

“The Bullion Man is a winner. No matter the cost, the B-man will climb to success. He does not need friends. He has gold.”

The song starts off with some bold guitars and a unique sound that immediately intrigue the listener. When the drums hit for the first time, Maximiliano’s confident vocals come in full of swagger, just as the Bullion Man’s would. He describes the Bullion Man’s actions and intentions in this first verse, revealing he’s got a chest full of gold. The pre-chorus follows the same melody with the addition of supporting background vocals as Maximiliano describes who the Bullion Man is.

The first chorus explodes in with an even more energetic guitar riff and gang vocals shouting “freedom! beauty!” and other things that would be valuable to this character. Maximiliano’s smooth vocals come in under the gang vocals to croon “all I need”, as he emphasizes that these are truly the Bullion Man’s values.

A groovy electric guitar riff takes us into the next verse, where we get even more insight into who this man is before returning to the pre-chorus. The next chorus explodes in with even more force than the first. Once the instrumentals calm down, though, Maximiliano continues to sing “all I need” just over the guitar riff. The riff continues with the occasional ambient background vocal before expanding into a full-on guitar solo (worthy of some air guitar action at home!) brought on by the shouts of men in the background.

The guitar solo transitions seamlessly back into the final chorus, as the gang vocals return and the Bullion Man’s values are repeated one last time at full force. This final chorus is climactic, as we have the full picture of his personality before the song comes to an end with the guitar riffs.

“Bullion Man” is truly a stadium rocker, just like Maximiliano wanted. The energy is larger than life from the first guitar strum all the way through the last chorus, making the listener want to get up and shout along. Just like Maximiliano said, “The Bullion Man rocks”.

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