Emily James’ is back with her latest track, “London”


LA singer-songwriter, Emily James is back with her latest track, “London”. This track is filled with post-breakup emotions, wrapped in a dreamy melody that carries listeners through self-discovery. The song is the lead single for her upcoming EP, The aLtErNaTeS, Pt. 2, set for release October 8th.

James beautifully captures the conflicting emotions that accompany the end of a relationship. She opens up about the desire to escape the pain by seeking a new place, symbolized by the allure of London. The lyrics balance feelings of sadness and a longing for independence, as James struggles with the aftermath of heartbreak.

Lines like “Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion / But I think I might really move to London in August / Get away from all this” highlight her vulnerability and the raw honesty that permeates her music.

In the chorus, James paints a vivid picture of newfound freedom and possibility. “Gonna find a lover with a royal accent / Damn he’s such a gentleman / love the way he says ‘darling,’ Never been someone’s darling”. This imagery, coupled with James’ dreamy delivery, transports listeners to a place of hope and optimism amidst the pain.

As the song unfolds, James reflects on the bittersweet nature of moving on. She acknowledges the possibility of regret and longing for what could have been. Yet, there is an underlying sense of empowerment as she embraces the unknown and takes control of her own narrative.

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