Come stay at ‘The Hotel’ with Victors’ new indie-pop EP


London-based three-piece band Victors releases their latest project, The Hotel, a five-track long EP. Following the release of their two singles “Nothing Seems To Matter Now” and “Keep Living”, the EP is the first project following a few year-long break. With a stream count of over 65,000 on the singles, The Hotel is highly anticipated and ready to be shared with the world. The tracks revolve around themes of self discovery, hope, and love – both romantic and platonic. 

The EP begins with “if you could see yourself through my eyes”, an ambient, lyricless introduction. Reminiscent of The 1975’s album openings, it sets a synth-wave mood for the rest of the tracks. It flows seamlessly into “Keep Living”, a song almost painfully self aware. A hopeful look on life, the song whispers in the pre-chorus “When will we see nothing’s concrete?”. Encouraging the listener to quite literally keep living as they move through life, they remind us that it is easier to go through these times with the support of a familiar face. The twinkle keys right before the pre-chorus is a nice 80s touch – a common thread in the entirety of the EP.

“Nothing Seems To Matter Now” feels very Tears For Fears right away, really leaning into the night drive type of synth sound. This song’s trademark is the percussion, which includes a kick drum and snare and the new, fun addition of a distant cowbell. “You’re The One I Need” is lyrically simple and can be one of the songs that if performed live, would be the easiest for the audience to sing and dance back to. The song admits “I’d give the world just to know what you’re thinking / Cause it’s you that keeps me breathing”. 

Breathy and electric, the EP’s title and final track encompass the sounds and lyrics we heard in the earlier songs. This is the dreamiest, with harmonies of “Oohs” and “Ahs” ramping up to the chorus and back after the reprise. “The Hotel” includes a rhythm and electric guitar instrumental breakdown at the end of the song – ending the EP on an energetic note. 

“The Hotel EP means a lot to the three of us. It’s our first body of work since our hiatus and it’s been a long time coming. We loved the idea of how each room in a hotel has a different story going on within it. From a couple in love, to another breaking up, to someone alone deep in thought. And that was the concept for this EP and what we aimed to capture during our time in the studio. Each song is a different story with differing emotions and energy”. – Victors

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