Starset Immersed Nashville in a Science Fiction Fueled Performance


The Immersion: The Final Chapter tour by Starset commenced in Nashville on April 6th, and it unquestionably lived up to its immersive name. From the instant the curtain descended to the final chord, the entire event captivated attendees. Starset had sold out the venue weeks prior, opting for no openers but providing an all-encompassing stage spectacle.

Although Starset took the stage slightly later at 8:30 due to the sizable crowd still entering the packed venue, they ensured that every fan was inside before starting. The unveiling of the double-decker stage left everyone in awe, immersing the audience in a cyberpunk/sci-fi narrative displayed on screens between songs. These films, resembling video game cutscenes, complemented Starset’s performance impeccably. The band members’ attire, reminiscent of Dune, enhanced the futuristic ambiance.

The most astounding aspect of the stage setup was the use of fans to project holograms, creating a display visible to all. This innovative setup showcased various visuals, including a weapon selection screen and flames shooting into the crowd. Despite occasional technical glitches due to tripping the breaker and setting off the fire alarm in the venue, Starset maintained an energetic pace throughout the evening, even swapping platforms to diversify their performance.

Their extensive setlist included surprises like the first non-acoustic version of “Halo” in nearly seven years and the live debut of “FAULTLINE.” The Immersion: The Final Chapter tour offers a spectacle unmatched in the rock scene today, appealing to fans of Starset and science fiction alike.

Starset’s Immersion: The Final Chapter tour continues on May 16th. For upcoming shows, visit

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