Ice Nine Kills brought their Fear the Premiere tour to Nashville


Ice Nine Kills brought their Fear the Premiere tour to Nashville, TN, accompanied by special guests Mike’s Dead, The Plot in You, and Set It Off, resulting in an enthralling theatrical night. The diverse lineup catered to various musical tastes, offering a blend of pop punk, hip hop-infused metal, metalcore, and horror-core music, ensuring there was something for everyone in the audience.

Kicking off the evening, Mike’s Dead combined metal and hip hop with electrifying vigor, engaging the crowd through high-energy performances, heavy riffs, and an industrial soundscape that primed the audience for the night ahead.

The Plot In You followed suit, delivering a metalcore set that sustained the venue’s palpable energy. Starting with the intense riffs and screams of “Forgotten,” the audience immediately responded with head-banging and vigorous movement, creating an animated reception for Landon Tewers. The audience’s fervor didn’t wane throughout the 30-plus performance, culminating in a crescendo as the band concluded their set with the fan-favorite “I Feel Nothing.”

Set It Off took the stage next, revving up the crowd for the night’s headlining act. They launched into their performance with the popular hit “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” prompting an eruption of cheers from the audience. Cody Carson’s dynamic performance included crowd surfing into the pit, igniting further enthusiasm among attendees. The band certainly lived up to their name, setting the stage ablaze and leaving the entire audience energized and ready for Ice Nine Kills’ grand entrance.

Finally, the main event commenced with a horror-themed tribute to beloved slasher films. Opening with “Hip to Be Scared,” Spencer Charnas embodied Patrick Bateman as he wielded an axe, recreating iconic scenes and delivering a carnival of madness. Each song maintained this eccentric energy, from “Rainy Day,” paying homage to the Resident Evil films, to “Stabbing in the Dark,” a gruesome narrative inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween series.

The captivating theatrics persisted, with Spencer channeling Freddy Krueger in a red and green smoke-filled stage during “American Nightmare,” conjuring a nightmarish hellscape that resonated with fans of the franchise. Scenes from Stephen King’s IT featured Georgie being abducted by Pennywise the clown, followed by chaotic leaps and maniacal chuckles from Charnas, occasionally interrupted by a crowd-deafening honk from a clown horn. The set continued to honor silver screen classics, offering tributes to Scream, Psycho, and even a Friday the 13th-inspired parody titled “Jason’s Mom.” The audience enthusiastically joined in during this pop horror spectacle, celebrating the campy essence of the material.

The Fear the Premiere tour is a must-see for aficionados of slasher and horror films. The intricate lighting and stage production created an enchanting experience, driven by an unparalleled energy. Attendees should note that those sensitive to strobe effects might want to exercise caution, but for everyone else, this tour offers a remarkable homage to the world of horror that shouldn’t be missed.

The Fear the Premiere tour continues through September 3rd of 2023.
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Photos and Review by Adam Colwell (@pixelsoftheimagination)

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