Lacuna Coil’s October Dawn Tour Lands in Knoxville Tennessee


Lacuna Coil’s October Dawn tour embarked on its second destination in Knoxville, Tennessee on October 14th, 2023. This Italian gothic metal ensemble was joined by renowned metal icons Fear Factory and Lions at the Gate, a group formed by former industry veterans of Ill Nino. The evening delivered a captivating display of metal mastery to an almost packed venue.

The opening act, Lions at the Gate, stormed the stage with a head-banging exhibition of powerful riffs that immediately ignited the crowd’s enthusiasm. Their showmanship was nothing short of remarkable, and it was evident that these musicians had spent their entire lives on stage. With shredding guitars, mesmerizing head-spinning dreadlocks, and an overall high-impact performance, Lions at the Gate injected an abundance of energy into Knoxville!

Fear Factory took the stage next, sending the crowd into a frenzy with their iconic sound. Dino Cazares displayed his virtuosity on the guitar, while bassist Javier Arriaga flawlessly handled the bass, never missing a beat. The new frontman, Milo Silvestro, dominated the stage with epic screams and rallied the audience to create a mosh pit that persisted for the majority of the performance. Fear Factory remains a force to be reckoned with, especially with their recent additions.

Closing the night was Lacuna Coil, who delighted their ardent fanbase. Their captivating fusion of metal and symphonic elements resulted in a phenomenal performance spanning their extensive 20+ year catalog, featuring fresh interpretations of their classics released on a re-recorded version of “Comalies.” This showcased the band’s growth over the years. Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro’s vocals harmonized in a magical way rarely witnessed in the current metal landscape. Lacuna Coil sounds as splendid today as they did in the early 2000s, solidifying their enduring presence in the metal scene.

The October Dawn tour boasts an impressive lineup of some of the industry’s finest metal acts. It introduces new configurations for established legends, a fresh band with seasoned industry veterans, and Lacuna Coil in peak form, making it a show that simply cannot be missed!

Lacuna Coil’s October Dawn tour continues through October 29th of 2023.
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Photos and Review by Adam Colwell (@pixelsoftheimagination)

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