The World is a Vampire Tour Digs its Fangs into Huntsville, Alabama



On August 17th, 2023, the Orion Amphitheater in Huntsville, Alabama played host to the captivating “The World is a Vampire” tour. This event featured an electrifying lineup consisting of Rival Sons, Interpol, The Smashing Pumpkins, and even NWA wrestling, all converging to provide an evening of sheer entertainment.

NWA, under the ownership of Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan, delivered engaging entertainment for the audience, presenting a variety of wrestling matches prior to each musical act’s performance. This innovative approach was commendable as it effectively filled the downtime between bands, preventing any loss of momentum that might occur during setup changes. Attendees enjoyed tag team battles, championship clashes, and matches featuring both male and female competitors, ensuring the crowd remained enthusiastic throughout the entire roster of bands.

Kicking off the night was Nashville-based Rival Sons, infusing the atmosphere with their vintage bluesy tunes reminiscent of the 70s. Their electric sound emitted a nostalgic aura, akin to the greatness of bands like Led Zeppelin. Lead singer Jay Buchanan’s soulful performance stood out, adding a rare depth to today’s music scene. Guitarist Scott Holiday showcased impressive skills, expertly wielding 12-string guitars with bluesy finesse, evoking the technical prowess of bygone eras. Drummer Michael Miley’s crowd interaction and rhythmic leadership, alongside bassist Dave Beste, contributed to a mesmerizing show. Rival Sons left an indelible mark on the night, highlighting their status as an underrated gem in the industry.

Next up was Interpol, gracefully transitioning the mood with their melodic prowess, likened by one attendee to an ethereal version of R.E.M. Donning sharp suits and sunglasses, the band’s pitch-perfect performance was a sensory delight. Their blend of indie vibes and captivating rhythms entranced the audience, swaying them in awe.

Finally, the moment arrived for The Smashing Pumpkins to grace the stage, met with resounding applause. As Billy Corgan’s vocals reverberated during “The Everlasting Glaze,” the entire near-capacity amphitheater rose to their feet. The band proceeded to deliver hit after hit, including a cover of The Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime,” driving fans to headbang, pump fists, and sway in unison. Mid-set, Corgan and guitarist James Iha shared reflections on their three decades of musical collaboration, leading into an acoustic rendition of “Tonight, Tonight,” met with an ecstatic response from the audience. This segued into the iconic “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” the tour’s namesake track. The band’s hour-and-forty-minute performance, culminating with “Zero,” had every fan on their feet, culminating in an outstanding show.

“The World is a Vampire” tour is a requisite experience for those who grew up immersed in the post-punk and progressive-rock sounds of Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins during the 90s and early 2000s. This amalgamation of alternative rock, classical revival rock, and post-punk, intertwined with NWA’s sports entertainment, offers a nostalgic journey back to the musical landscape of the turn of the century.

The World is a Vampire tour continues through September 9th of 2023.
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Photos and Review by Adam Colwell (@pixelsoftheimagination)


  1. The Rival Sons are hands down the most underrated and unknown gem that deserves to be blasted on the airwaves much more, they are the epitome of Rock and roll and will leave their mark in due time..

    • Rival Sons are a group of very competent musicians who play a mix of rock genres. Underrated is a perfect description of their status they deserve more recognition and exposure.

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