Loveless and Waterparks bring rock back to New York’s Upper West Side


Photo by Shauna Hilferty

Fans in fishnets and old-school low-top Vans flooded New York’s Upper West Side, patiently waiting for the doors of the iconic Terminal 5 to open for Waterparks and Loveless to take the stage. It was chillier than it had been all week, those with just band t-shirts and bracelets kept shoulder to shoulder, licenses out, and wrists ready for admission. 

The last time Waterparks visited the city was in the spring of 2023. Less than a year later, the trio has sold out a venue nearly triple the size. In promotion of their latest studio album, Intellectual Property, the band donned a setlist consisting of tracks from this last project as well as some other older fan-favorites.

Photo by Shauna Hilferty

Doors opened and at 7:40 sharp, the night kicked off with Los Angeles-based duo, Loveless. Joining Waterparks on their United States leg of the tour, Loveless, comprised of Juilan Comeau and Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail, is signed to BMG and Rise Records and has released albums End of an era and Loveless I. Comeau delivered powerful vocals in song one, “Haunting Me” and carried through all twelve tracks. A live debut of an unreleased “I Love It When It Rains” was teased as the lively crowd took it in. The highlight of the set was the three-in-one song, combining “happier than ever”, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”, and “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT”, a mashup of their songs that allowed Dylan’s guitar solos to shine. 

Photo by Shauna Hilferty

Lead guitarist Geoff Wigington, drummer Otto Wood, and red-haired Awsten Knight (of Waterparks) entered from a backlit center stage door, red and white lights announcing their presence. It was impossible to hear anything but the fans screaming in excitement as the trio arrived, as “Watch What Happens Next” began. The setlist hopped around multiple different albums and eras of the bands’ musical journey, even including a cover of Liz Phair’s “Why Can’t I” – a welcomed addition to the setlist. Also included in the twenty-two song setlist were eight tracks from their most recent album, some highlights being “FUNERAL GREY” and “FUCK ABOUT IT”. As if it were choreographed, fans moshed to the music, head banging and holding up their hommade voodoo dolls. Crowd surfers in banana costumes and tattered tops sailed to the front, as the band encouraged fans to really let loose and escape. 

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Shauna Hilferty
Shauna Hilferty
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