UK’s Own Sea Girls release their new alt-rock single and music video, “Come Back To Me”


Photo by Parri Thomas

Four-piece rock band Sea Girls’ new single “Come Back To Me” is a plea to a withered relationship disguised as an upbeat and punchy alternative rock track. Along with the new single came an equally fast-paced music video, directed by Oska Zaky

The nearly two minute song is short and sweet, using its run time to pack in as many guitar riffs and confessions as possible. The entire song has a lingering electric guitar riff in the background, filling out the lyrics. The couplet of the first chorus, “I said I meant it / I still do” set the tone for the remainder of the track. The first pre chorus has a quick cadence, almost as if time is running out. It details the memories, while the second pre chorus details a potential future. “I wasn’t ready then / But I’m ready now / I know it could be hard / And you’ll let him down”. The most intense part of the song is the bridge, lyrically and musically. An additional electric guitar rips alongside the vocals “If I see you with him and you’re driving around / Are you thinking of me or am I in the ground?”. 

Oska Zaky’s vision for the music video shows the band aimlessly wandering around the streets of London, the famous London Bridge and skyline looming over shots of the group. Lead vocalist Henry Camamile is who we see telling the story; there is a focus on him often by himself or singing intensely to nobody. The video’s concept pairs well with the song, as when a relationship ends, it is normal to feel lost and alone, even in a city full of people. 

“Come Back To Me” is not only the title of the single but also of the accompanying EP. Come Back To Me was released on May 2, 2024 including other singles “I Want You To Know Me” and “Weekends And Workdays”. Their upcoming album Midnight Butterflies releases in less than a month on June 14, 2024 and the Midnight Butterflies Tour will be held this fall in the UK and Ireland. 

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