PYNKIE gives us 2000s nostalgia with her newest single “Plz”


NJ-native PYNKIE releases “Plz”, her newest addition to her stacked collection of summer songs. Reminiscent of the early 2000s, including breathy vocals and drifting sonics, “Plz” details the faults but hopeful resolutions of a relationship whether it’s the one you have with yourself or with someone else. “It’s about hopefully believing that a relationship will ultimately work out through the rollercoaster of ups and downs,” says Lindsey Radice (aka, PYNKIE). 

The video, directed by Evan Deng, showcases PYNKIE in an arcade, playing numerous games but gravitating toward the motorcycle simulator. With the wind whipping through her hair and the LED city skyline in the background, you feel for a second you are there. We see her also getting ice cream in one instance and with a toy motorcycle on a kid’s city life carpet. The concept is simple, like the song, bringing you nostalgic memories you didn’t know you had. 

Find the music video below and stream the song here!

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Shauna Hilferty
Shauna Hilferty
Concert going, coffee drinking photographer and writer. Never not holding a film camera. Never not in NYC.


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