Walter The Producer releases “PAMPLEMOUSSE”, his first single from his upcoming sophomore album


PAMPLEMOUSSE” is a short single for a short-lived situation. Walter The Producer‘s indie-pop track recognizes the early stages of problems threatening a new relationship, honing in on the stage we like least – the one that includes labels. 

The song begins with a percussive beginning, a snare drum and shakers leading into an airy electric guitar backed by a suave bass. “I thought this was more than what it was”, the lyrics explain. “Excuse me for being emotional”, Walter The Producer sings. The first verse regards the situation without malice, even gracing the other person’s seemingly unfavorable behavior, only to ask in return that they “…wish you told me sooner than you would.” Cowbells and synth are introduced after the second chorus reprise. It is apologetic in its nature, acknowledging the two very different pages each person in the relationship is on. The single highlights communication, or lack thereof, and the commonalities new relationships or unlabeled situationships might face. While the inevitable ending is in store and disappointment surely lingers, acceptance of this fact is not so far. 

“We made ‘PAMPLEMOUSSE’ when I went to LA to do some sessions back in May,” Walter The Producer explains. “The first day I was there I was linked up with this dope producer Max Morando and we clicked immediately. We started jamming (he was playing drums and I was playing guitar) and ended up with a solid loop we to build off of. Half way through he asked if I wanted something to drink and I said “Sure.” He brought back a couple of sparkling waters and when he handed me one, the flavor was called “Pamplemousse”. We both didn’t know what it was so we looked it up and it was French for grapefruit. So when we finished the song we named it PAMPLEMOUSSE.”

Walter The Producer’s second album, PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED is set to include “PAMPLEMOUSSE” and other singles yet to be announced. His debut album No Substance Mixtape released last summer, including fan favorites “Since September” and “Velma”. 

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Shauna Hilferty
Shauna Hilferty
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