We’re Crushing Hard on Libby Whitehouse’s Debut Pop Single, “OMG”


Starting off incredibly strong is Libby Whitehouse’s debut single “OMG”, an ode to those of us crushing and falling in love, even when we want to deny it. The single encapsulates the three letters you text your best friend when something crazy happens. “OMG” is the shock factor, the urge to ultimately overshare the head-over-heels feelings that don’t seem to go away. 

We hear a distant recording of the song until it fades into itself, the chanty chorus starting us off. Libby’s voice and an upbeat electric guitar riff carry us into the first verse. It details the downplay of feeling new feelings at the beginning of a new relationship; we pretend we don’t care, that we aren’t checking the phone every few minutes for a text from them. In denial until the long-anticipated text shows, we pretend we don’t know any better. As the pre chorus ensues, Libby admits that she’s “obsessed” and it brings the listener into the chorus chants. “You got me saying things I never say out loud / I can’t control my words, they’re slipping out my mouth” A fun clap percussion joins the main kick drum, that ceases during the second verse, allowing Libby’s vocals to take center stage. Fun synth keys at the end of the song add to its exciting and uplifting tone. 

“I want my music to be a safe space for people to celebrate life and to express themselves; to celebrate who you love, including yourself, how you dress, and to be unapologetically…you. It’s also important for me that I encourage my fans to stand up for themselves and to do what makes them happy, no matter what anyone else thinks,” Libby says.

New love is intoxicating. The way we feel is indescribable, the only words that suffice is just the expression “Oh my god!” Libby’s sound is reminiscent of early 2010’s pop, taking inspiration from the electronic sound that influenced that pop era. Spring and summer of 2024, Libby plans on releasing even more music to accompany what is the first of many singles and releases. 

Keep up with Libby Whitehouse: Instagram // Spotify

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