Brett Altman’s releases his joyful and groovy new single “Abundance”


New Jersey’s pop, folk, and blues blend singer-songwriter Brett Altman releases “Abundance”. His latest single is full of life with a 70s groove, encompassing themes of positivity, good energy, and living happily in the present. 

The song begins with a discreet chatter and a strong bassline. “It’s coming in from all directions / And this wave has got me satisfied”, Altman sings. As each verse progresses, another instrument is layered into the existing mix. On top of the bass and background noise comes a piano and finally percussion. There is an adamant pause leading up to the chorus to punctuate the chorus’ message – “Dreams ain’t supposed to be only make believe”. 

A juicy saxophone solo leads the listener to the bridge, at which the instruments are lost and are replaced by rhythmic clapping alongside Altman’s vocals. “Been knocked down, I can still feel it / Now something’s different / With no control, gonna roll with it.” This mantra is repeated at the end of the song, emphasizing Altman’s “go with the flow” mindset that will ultimately lead to content. 

“After months of sulking over a breakup, this song was a catalyst in my healing,” Altman shares. 

In promoting his “Abundance”, Altman and his band will be at The Delancey in New York City on November 9 and December 7. Be sure to grab your tickets and read more about Brett Altman below! 

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Shauna Hilferty
Shauna Hilferty
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