Waterparks’ chaotic energy takes over Boston


American pop rock band Waterparks took MGM Music Hall by storm, on the Boston stop of the Sneaking Out Of Heaven Tour, joined by Loveless and Sophie Powers. The wild and colorful crowd made their way down Lansdowne on Wednesday night for an evening filled with chaos, moshing and punk rock.

Alt pop singer Sophie Powers was in charge of starting off the night, with an energetic performance that captured the crowd’s attention right away. Both explosive and girly, Sophie Powers’ short yet exciting set managed to get everyone involved: from requesting the flashlights to be on for her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”, to inviting a fan on stage to sing along, the stage was perfectly set for the rest of the evening.

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Next up would be L.A rock band Loveless, driving the many hardcore fans in the audience wild. The energy stayed at its highest the entire time, as crowdsurfers started landing at the edge of the barricade. The charismatic band made sure to interact with fans just as much, often getting the crowd to join: “I sing a line, you sing a line”, was vocalist Julian Comeau’s request, as well as having the flashlights on for the second time in the evening, for “Lighthouse”. Loveless’ set was exhilarating and full of charisma, something that would be the common thread of the entire show.

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After a brief intermission and some shuffling around in the audience amongst Loveless and Waterparks fans, the lights went down and the room immediately exploded, as they kicked things off with “Watch What Happens Next” and “Blonde”. The band’s energy was intense, goofy and chaotic, and their fans matched it perfectly. There were many hilarious interactions throughout the night, from exchanging handmade bracelets and questionable t-shirts with frontman Awsten Knight, to a video request from a fan to help them quit their job, with encouragement from the crowd.

The stunning visuals played a big role in creating an energetic atmosphere, supporting the songs as the show went along; one of the highlights was a more solemn moment with a single spotlight on a sitting shadow, projecting a speech focused on the need to regain control of one self, referencing the church and society as a whole. Knight would also go to a secondary stage behind the audience, where a keyboard and some lights were set up for a quieter set, with fans lighting up the room again with their phones for one last time. Chaos would soon return though, wrapping up with “Turbulent” and “REAL SUPER DARK”. It was the best conclusion to a rowdy night packed with colorful characters and raw teen angst.

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Photos and words by Maria Alejandra Mata
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