Grrrl Gang dives into loneliness in “Rude Awakening”


Credit: Tiny Studio

Indonesian pop group Grrrl Gang have just released their latest single, “Rude Awakening”, an introspective conversation about self worth and loneliness.

“Rude Awakening” is pop with a twist: it’s a feel-good song on the surface, until you pay attention to the words. With a bright guitar riff at the top, the melody is pleasant, yet wild. The sound subtly becomes a bit more unhinged, as we reach the peak and the playing turns manic. In great punk fashion, it packs a fast punch and takes over your head right away.

The song itself takes a closer look at the tug-o-war that takes place in our heads. Despite the seemingly comforting sound, the lyrics tell a much darker story; alone in a crowd, trying to cope with the overwhelming frustration, wondering if anyone else truly cares.  Grrrl Gang has a raw ability to express deep emotions in the simplest ways, making the song incredibly honest and relatable.

In contrast with their previous release, “Spunky!”, the music video takes place seemingly at the same party, but from a different perspective. The narrative becomes more profound once we connect the dots, going from exuberant confidence to crippling self doubt.

“Rude Awakening” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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