Husky Loops unveils new single “Again Replay” with ‘ultrarama’ EP


Husky Loops - "Again Replay"

Husky Loops has released their latest single “Again Replay,” alongside their new EP ultrarama, through German label Clouds Hill on March 20. After releasing their album I Can’t Even Speak English in 2019, the group has returned with their EP that embodies rock in all its exciting forms and introduces new emotive vocal delivery. Husky Loops consists of Danio Forni (vocals, producer and guitarist), Tommaso Medica (bassist) and Pietro Garrone (drummer and samples), having toured with bands like Placebo, Spoon and The Kills.

ultrarama (ultra = beyond, rama = vision, sight) is a mix of new directions that allow Husky Loops to be their unapologetic selves with their uplifting choruses and “distant letters read on distorted tape.”

“When I pause for a second and think about all the reasons why I started making music in the first place, “ultrarama” is what being in Husky Loops should feel like,” Forni said. “It’s not about pleasing others or fitting to a format: I am writing music that satisfies the need inside me of expressing something real, without overthinking it. We are making the art we want to listen to, the music that can fill the gap between our imagination and what comes out of the speakers.”

I Can’t Even Speak English was supported by BBC Radio 1, Billboard and CLASH. ultrarama is led by “Again Replay”; this returns listeners to their originally innovative musical aurora with new eclectic adventures. Ultrarama also includes “Becoming That Guy” and “Acting Stupid.”

Keep up with Husky Loops: Instagram // Spotify // X // Facebook // Website


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