Layto offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the darker aspects of love with latest release, “Rotten”


Layto‘s latest release, “Rotten,” dives into being in toxic relationship and explores pain, betrayal, and ultimately, liberation. Released on March 15th, “Rotten” drips with pain and resentment and paints a clear picture of a toxic relationship spiraling out of control. With the sounds of Machine Gun Kelly “Rotten” is a tour de force, blending elements of alternative rock, pop, and hip-hop.

From the opening lines, “I’m rotten baby so are you,” Layto sets the tone for a narrative of mutual toxicity and self-awareness, while lines like “Taking all the liquor and I pour it down the drain” and “Body going numb and you beg me not to choke” evoke a sense of desperation and self-destructiveness in response to the toxic dynamic.

Throughout the song, there’s a visible sense of struggle and resignation as Layto grapples with the overpowering influence of the toxic relationship. The refrain, “So toxic why I can’t stop this,” captures the torment of being trapped in a cycle of dysfunction and longing for escape.

Gearing up for Alternative Psycho The Tour next month in support of his latest album Alternative Psycho, Layto is heading out on a 13 date tour across the States. Starting on April 24 in Dallas and hitting major cities like Atlanta, New York, and Denver, the tour will conclude in Los Angeles on May 16.

Tickets for Layto’s Alternative Psycho The Tour are on sale now.

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