Melodic Exclusive: Kode releases new track “If You Told Me” + Video



Transitioning from cinematography major and Door Dasher to musician in the span of a year can have it’s challenges. But to some like Kode, being a musician comes natural. Kode (pronounced “CODE”) has amassed an outstanding 45 million streams across Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music and garnered an impressive following of over 500,000 loyal fans on social media… all while being independent. 

Following the immense success of his previous tracks and the anticipation building on social media, “If You Told Me” will excite existing listeners while drawing in newcomers who appreciate sounds of Post Malone or Kid Laroi. In an exclusive collaboration with Melodic Mag, we are thrilled to unveil the latest track from Kode.

In a candid interview, Kode shared insights into his journey as an artist and the inspiration behind his music. “Around [COVID] I started making music…I showed my parents one night some rap that I made, and my dad thought it was really good! He got me connected with Tech N9ne’s old engineer. After a session I had with him, I downloaded Logic Pro and learned how to make beats. It just took off from there… I was actually in college for cinematography when COVID happened. Eventually whenever I spiraled into making music and putting it out, I realized like this I liked this way more than any film stuff.”

The song opens with resignation, “If you told me I would die tomorrow, I’d tell you it’s okay”. As the verses unfold, Kode grapples with the weight of past relationships and the fear of losing oneself in the process. “Ain’t see it coming, I’m winning but I been losing friends,” capturing that bittersweet reality of growth and change. 

As “If You Told Me” makes its debut, Kode provides a glimpse into the depth of its message. “I’m a sad boy a lot recently, but I feel like those are the most relatable emotions that I’ve been going through in the past few months. I guess… change is really scary. Change can make you have to readjust and find yourself again, but “If You Told Me” just captures that saddest moment that you could possibly be in. When you’re having one of those episodes and you’re just balling. I’m hoping that people can listen to this song and kind of identify those part of their emotions and acknowledge how deeply they’re feeling so that they can move past it.”



As Kode prepares to embark on his first-ever tour, the release of “If You Told Me” is already tracking to be one of his biggest releases yet. With his sights set on the future, Kode teases, “Fans can expect an album soon, definitely. Hopefully by the end of the year, once I get back from this tour. We definitely have some new merch in the works, too.”

Tickets for Layto’s Alternative Psycho The Tour are on sale now.

Stream “If You Told Me” on Spotify and Apple Music, now.

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