Weekly Roundup: October 10


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Swan Upon Leda” – Hozier
“Hozier released ‘Swan Upon Leda,’ a song from his upcoming 3rd album, Unreal Unearth. Throughout 2022, the artist has been teasing bits and pieces of the album; he posted photos of the lyrics to ‘De Selby’ and ‘Rob The Goddess,’ and recently posted this TikTok. This week, he announced that he would be releasing “Swan Upon Leda,” and added that he would be donating to Mayday, AidAccess, and Plan C, 3 organizations which provide safe access to reproductive healthcare.”
– Lexi Whitney


2. “I Can’t Help But Feel” – Surfaces
“[This song] immediately has you dancing like no one is watching.”
– Andrea


3.  “Slowing Down” – The Backseat Lovers
Check out Jones Willingham’s interview with The Backseat Lovers about their upcoming record, Waiting To Spill, here.


4. “Lonely Hallucinations” – Alle The Dreamer
“On ‘Lonely Hallucinations,’ Alle The Dreamer gets lost in a reverie. With her light and airy vocals, she sings, ‘I’m getting tired of living on rewind / Oh my God / All my friends keep telling me it’s gonna take time,’ wondering how she is going to move on from a break-up. Even though she knows that she is better off living in the present, she can’t help but look forward to the future or drift back into the past, the dreamy pop production inviting us to travel back and forth with her.”
– Christine Sloman


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Full playlist:

1. Dayglow – “Then It All Goes Away”
2. Maisie Peters – “Not Another Rockstar”
3. Gracie Abrams – “Difficult”
4. GAYLE ft. blackbear – “fmk”
5. Hozier – “Swan Upon Leda”
6. KID TRAVIS – “i live with a ghost”
7. GZ Grant- “Timelines”
8. Lorana – “Pull Me Back to the Present”
9.  Tedious & Brief – “Tired Work”
10  Surfaces – “I Can’t Help But Feel”
11. Arei Moon – “Ooh La La”
12. Brent Williams – “The Fool”
13. Kenzie Cates– “ruin it”
14. S.C.A.B. – “Why Do I Dream Of You”
15. The Backseat Lovers – “Slowing Down”
16. All Time Low – “Sleepwalking”
17. Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Rufus Wainwright – “The Loneliest Time”
18. Cannons – “Hurricane”
19. Alle The Dreamer – “Lonely Hallucinations”


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