The Foxtails show off their range and romantic sides with their debut album, “Love In The Face of Overwhelming Odds”


The Foxtails

Modern rock/multi-genre duo “The Foxtails” entered the music scene in 2021 with their debut single, “Waste of a Night”- building their fanbase and continuing to write & record new music. Their sound combines modern indie with elements of pop-punk to form a bright, original, upbeat melody. In 2023, they released their song “Aphrodite” as a single, which features one of their heroes and major inspirations Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. “Aphrodite” is track 2 on The Foxtails’ debut album Love In The Face of Overwhelming Odds- a beautifully crafted, genre-bending project that’s the perfect collection of songs to introduce any new listener to The Foxtails & the world they’ve created. You can read more about “Aphrodite” here.

The album opens with “Mr. Cointreau”, a fun, high-energy start to the project. This track includes little bits of dialogue between band members Ethan Hunter & Kevin Chavez. Their back-and-forth moments are incredibly charming, and serve as a greeting card from the band to the listener. The energy & sound in the album remain high and mighty until track 4, “Paranoid”, which is my favorite on the project. It slows the world down for a moment, showing a heartfelt, tender side to the band. The acoustic melody with the soft background harmonies in the chorus make it such an easy, satisfying listen. It’s a nice change of pace, and highlights the dynamic range that The Foxtails have garnered. After diving into elements of jazz in “Irrational,” we reach the acoustic interlude, “Fall For You”- a complete 180 in the middle of the project. The doubled vocals are only accompanied by an acoustic guitar, making this the simplest song (production-wise) on the album. It’s soft, gentle, and it’s placement on the tracklist is perfectly placed next to the title track, “Love In The Face of Overwhelming Odds.” This track brings the mood back up, kicking it up a notch with impressive, addicting drums and powerful vocals. It’s a mixture between a power ballad & a hopeful promise. The title grabs the listener and holds you from start to finish, making it the perfect name for not only the song itself, but the project as a whole. Having “Fall For You” and “Love In The Face of Overwhelming Odds” next to each other on the tracklist ought to highlight how vastly different the vibes of the songs on the project can be, despite their similar themes throughout.

The closing tracks on the album feel like the comedown from the emotional intensity of the title track. “Bury Me In This Jacket” is a slower, more monotonous melody that feels almost like a lullaby, which is fitting, considering the closing track “Take Some Time For Yourself” is 2 minutes’ worth of ocean sounds. “Love In The Face of Overwhelming Odds” is an impressive cultivation of genres and sounds that showcase the talents and range of this powerful duo. It walks us through the emotional highs and lows of love and passion, starting very vibrantly and ending calmly. Whether the album’s softer ending is meant to represent heartbreak or the comfort of love could be up to interpretation, but I’m leaning toward the latter.

“Love In The Face of Overwhelming Odds” is everything a debut project should be: Diverse, Energetic, Relatable, and Sympathetic. Each track is a hit after hit.

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