LIMINA releases cosmic new video with Teun van der Zalm for “Sanctum”


When you watch a movie or a television show, do you ever pay attention to the music? It could be the downhearted sounds of a piano, accompanying the scene where the girl gets into the cab on a rainy afternoon and leaves behind the guy who secretly loves her. It could be the sweet sounds of strings, making a wedding scene all the more romantic and complete. These heightened moments would be nothing without composers like Tyler Durham, aka LIMINA. Dedicating his life to “the score,” Tyler has helped compose music with James Newton Howard for films like Jungle Cruise and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. He has also worked with Pinar Toprak on projects like The Lost City, Slumberland, and on music for EPCOT in Walt Disney World. Under the LIMINA moniker, Tyler will release his debut album, Coming Home, in April. The album will showcase his passion for storytelling, and we can hear this passion come through on the album’s first single, “Sanctum.”

On “Sanctum,” LIMINA creates a space for listeners to think, let go, or get lost in the music. The heart of this instrumental track is soft and mellow but very open, allowing fans to be alone in whatever type of sanctum they please. The twinkling riffs and sounds of a vibraphone bring in a sense of wonder, while the rising and falling strings add a hint of melancholy. Whether you are in a loving mood, a defeated mood, a nostalgic mood, LIMINA presents us with sounds that will bring out these feelings, heightening the scenes of your own life.

Recently, artist Teun van der Zalm was inspired to use “Sanctum” for a video project. He is known for his space and nebula art, and “Sanctum” served as a perfect fit for these otherworldly visuals. In the end, he ended up creating a full video for “Sanctum,” which you can watch below.

Arriving April 23, Coming Home was inspired by Tyler’s time in London – particularly his time on the London Tube. He shares,

“I am addicted to storytelling, and I knew I wanted to tell a story that would allow me to be as creative as I wanted while also giving the album shape and progression. You see so many people commuting and get the faintest glimpse of their experience through a laugh, a clenched fist, or just silent contemplation. All of this is accompanied by a loud yet soothing hum and pulse from the train.”

You can listen to “Sanctum” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with LIMINA: Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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